Património Musical



  • ALMEIDA MOTA, João Pedro de

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  • Administrador

  • Almeida, Francisco António de

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  • BOMTEMPO, João Domingos

    [Lisbon, December 28 1775 - August 18 1842] One of the most important Portuguese musicians, first director of Lisbon's Music Conservatory, pianist of international renown, and composer of actualised works upon classic tradition (in line with?), which he also divulged through the foundation of a concerts society, the Sociedade Filarmónica, in a hegemonic context with the operatic Italianýs repertoire.
  • CARNEIRO, Cláudio

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  • FREITAS, Frederico de

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  • KEIL, Alfredo

  • LACERDA, Francisco de

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  • LOPES-GRAÇA, Fernando

    Fernando Lopes-Graça (Tomar, 1906-Parede, 1994) was one of the dominating personalities of his time in Portuguese culture, for his diverse activities as a composer, performer, critic, musical patron and writer and studious of traditional music, as well as his activity as a committed citizen, involved in the social and political fight against the dictatorial regime between the decades of 1920 and 1970.  
  • PEIXINHO, Jorge,

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